The nursery was founded in 2012 in Shixia Village, Shiqutang Town, Yingde City, Guangdong Province, which is known as the Yingshi Town. It is a modern agricultural science and technology production base specialized in orchid planting and seedling cultivation and sales. The nursery covers an area of 70,000m2, with a total investment of 15 million yuan to build nearly 600,000m2 of steel structure integrated greenhouse and 50,000m2 of intelligent seedling greenhouse. Annual production of 3,000,000 orchid seedlings and 1,000,000 pots of finished orchids.

Orchids are a delicate plant with high requirements for climate, temperature, humidity and ultraviolet light, so our company has given a lot of thought to the site selection. One reason is that the climate of Yingde is suitable for growing orchids, so that orchids that are still seedlings can grow up quickly. Another reason is the distance, because this nursery in Yingde is the closest to our company headquarters, so this side when the headquarters needs to dispatch goods urgently, it can meet the requirements more quickly.Since orchids are a delicate plant with stringent needs for climate, temperature, humidity, and UV light, our company has given the location selection some care. One explanation is that Yingde's climate is conducive to orchid cultivation, allowing orchid seedlings to mature rapidly. This nursery in Yingde is the closest to our company's headquarters, therefore when the headquarters wants to expedite the shipment of goods, it can meet the requirements more quickly.

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We have 30 employees for daily nursery maintenance and seedling care. Every day, we monitor the growth of each orchid and dispose of or destroy any that do not meet our standards. Our managers have at least 20 years of expertise in orchid culture and are professionally trained in orchid cultivation, who precisely assess the needs of orchids at each developmental stage in order to promote optimal growth.

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The Qingyuan nursery primarily cultivates hybrid orchids, including "Zhong Guo Long," "Qian Jin Lan," "Qi Hei," "Tai Bei Xiao Jie," "Lv Fei Cui," and "Xian Lan."