Kunming Desert Plants

This nursery was established in 2005 as the first of our company's nurseries and the base for the cultivation of our desert plants. The nursery is situated on an area of around 80,000m2 in Shuanghe Township, Kunyang City, Yunnan Province. Our company is the first domestic nursery to begin growing sand plants in Kunming. The annual output value of this nursery is about 15 million yuan, and it is one of the largest sand plant planting bases in Yunnan Province. There are about 30 fixed employees in this nursery. Every day, the factory manager must conduct an in-depth inspection of each greenhouse to ensure that he pays attention to the growth of each plant. Our company principle is that every plant must be treated like a child.This nursery is where the majority of our exports of desert plants to international markets originate. Therefore, in addition to 120 greenhouses and irrigation systems, this Kunyang nursery is also equipped with high-pressure air and water guns to suit the requirements of overseas customers for bare roots and no soil.

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Yunnan, Kenya and Ethiopia in Africa, and Ecuador in South America are the three most appropriate places in the world for flower production due to their modest yearly temperature differences, large daily temperature differences, ample light, and variety of climate types, among other factors. It is feasible to produce nearly all types of flowers annually, with higher quality and reduced expenses.Every time we plant, we have a professional technician to guide to ensure the survival and beautiful shape of each seedling. Compared with other regions, sandy plants grown in Kunming will grow faster. In the past, Fujian was China's leading producer of cactus, but now Yunnan produces are higher-quality

Our primary products consist of various sizes of golden ball cactus, cactus, and several agave species.We have ample supply and at very low prices.Ensure the various needs of customers.