Jiangxi Nursery

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The nursery is located in Dexing City, Jiangxi Province, China, and is around 81,000 m2 in size. The base receives adequate precipitation throughout the year, and the air is relatively humid and well-lit. Temperatures are maintained between 2 and 15 degrees year-round, excluding the summer,. The soil is abundant in minerals and nutrients. Consequently, the temperature and humidity of various places also contribute to a wide variety of regional products. Due to the high temperature difference between day and night, which is optimal for the growth of desert plants, the desert plants cultivated in Jiangxi and Kunming are superior to those grown elsewhere.

This nursery features 80 greenhouses and an automated irrigation system. The nursery employs about 20 gardeners whose daily duties include removing extra grass, fertilizing, and deinsectization . Under the experiment and guidance of professionals, we plant and cultivate more precisely, which reduces a huge positive effect and improves the quality of our products.

This nursery in Jiangxi mostly cultivates golden ball cactus , agave, and cactus. Unlike other nurseries, the Jiangxi nursery cultivates a selection of shrubs and trees that are ideal for planting in various different projects.

At present, Jiangxi Nursery is continuing to expand the nursery, and is also updating the facilities on the nursery. Because in recent years, with the increase of our export volume, we will develop a new nursery to supply foreign markets. At the same time, when we face the domestic market, we will devote ourselves to planting and researching new varieties, striving to make Jiangxi Nursery a benchmark in the industry once again.

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